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UAS, Aerospace System Certification, & Team Building in Lancaster, PA

The Padina Group provides you with unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), aerospace system certification, and visionary thinking and team building expertise from Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)
The Padina Group is familiar with all types and classes of UAS as well as the organizations that manufacture, operate, and regulate them. UAS includes aircraft, control stations, C2 links and pilots/operators who are responsible for the safe operation of the UAS.

We have experience in the development and coordination of the requirements and performance standards pertaining to each of these elements.   

Aerospace System Certification & Airworthiness 
The Padina Group can provide expert advice on aircraft airworthiness. We assist manufacturers in understanding and navigating the Federal Aviation administration regulatory policies, processes, and requirements.

We provide consulting service in developing relationships between senior FAA officials and industry leaders.

Visionary Thinking /Team Building Expertise
The Padina Group is situated to provide executive consulting services in developing solutions for today's capacity and congestion challenges, while cultivating visionary planning for tomorrow's challenges.

We stand ready to guide visionary clients through these exciting times. We pride ourselves on achieving customer satisfaction by using successful collaborative techniques such as team building, partnering, and the creation of strong
business alliances.

Plane, Team Building in Lancaster, PA



Plane, Team Building in Lancaster, PA